Monday, October 4, 2010

Simple Salad

Here it is a simple recipe of salad to serve with my simple french fries and scramble eggs. Check it out ^^

-   3 counter cabbage, shred softly
-   1 tomato, shred softly
-   1 carrot, grate
-   2 tablespoon mayonaise
-   1 tablespoon tomato ketchup

Mix cabbage, tomato and carrot in a bowl, add mayonaise and tomato ketcup on the top, then serve. That's all :)

Friday, July 2, 2010

Salty Corn Cake

- 3 corn cob
- 2 garlic clove
- 2 small red onion
- 1/2 tea spoon pepper powder
- 1/2 tea spoon salt
- 1 egg
- 1 table spoon wheat flour
- 1 stalk celery, shred
- cooking oil for deep frying

- take corn cob, shred in the grain
- shatter garlic clove, red onion, pepper powder, and salt, mix with the corn grain and celery
- add egg, mix well then add wheat flour, mix well again
- take one table spoon of the corn batter, put into the heating cooking oil. Do this untill all the batter used up.
- deep fry till the colour change to yellow brown, drain from oil then serve ^_^

    Thursday, July 1, 2010

    Spinach Saute (Indonesian Food)

    - 2 bunch of spinach, take the leaf
    - 1 garlic clove, shred
    - 2 small red onion, shred
    - 1/2 teaspoon salt
    - 1/4 teaspoon pepper
    - 1/4 teaspoon sugar
    - 1 tablespoon cooking oil

    - heat the cooking oil in a wok
    - put the garlic and red onion shred, mix them till aromatic
    - add the spinach leafs, mix it again, use a high heating
    - add salt, sugar, and pepper, beat them about just 1 minute, remove from stove, then put it in a plate, serve

    Shrimp Cake (Indonesian Food: Peyek Udang)

    - 250 grams small shrimp
    - 3 garlic clove
    - 1 teaspoon pepper powder
    - 1 small red onion
    - 100 grams rice flour (this flour make them crispy, but if you don't have it, just use wheat flour)
    - 2 tablespoon wheat flour
    - water
    - 1 teaspoon salt
    - cooking oil for deep frying

    - shatter the garlic clove, small red onion, pepper, and salt
    - mix the shattered spices with the shrimps, add rice flour, wheat flour, and water, mix them well (use water just to make the batter wet)
    - take a table spoon of the shrimp batter then put it into the heating cooking oil. do it till all the batter used up.
    - deep fry them till the colour become yellow brown.
    - Ready to serve.. ^^

    Tofu Omelette

    - 2 eggs
    - 70 grams tofu, cut into cubes
    - 1/2 tomato, throw the seeds, cut into small cubes
    - 1 tea spoon salt
    - 1 tea spoon pepper powder
    - 1 table spoon cooking oil or butter

    -  mix eggs, salt, and pepper, whisk them 
    - small heat the cooking oil in a pan, pour the eggs
    - spread the tofu and tomato cubes into eggs, cover the pan
    - remove the cover if the eggs look cooked, then serve

    Saturday, June 5, 2010

    Salty Coconut Ebi (Indonesian Food: Serundeng Ebi)

    - 1/2 fresh coconut, scrape
    - 1 cup ebi (dry shrimp), clean with water then fry without oil till dry
    - 2 garlic clove
    - 3 small red onion
    - 1 tea spoon salt
    - 3 table spoon grated brown sugar
    - 2 laurel leafs
    - 1 tea spoon tamarind juice
    - 2 fresh chili
    - 1 table spoon cooking oil

    - Shatter the spices: chili, garlic, red onion, brown sugar, salt, and add tamarind juice
    - heat cooking oil, add the spices, just mix it till aromatic, add the scraped coconut and ebi, mix all well till dry then remove. Serve

      Thursday, June 3, 2010

      Green Banana Dessert (Indonesian Food: Pisang Ijo)

      Main Ingredient: 
      - 1 bunch of bananas (plantain), steam, remove peel
      - 300 grams wheat flour
      - 1 egg, dough
      - 1 table spoon pandan paste or another green paste to make the batter green
      - 10 cup of water
      - a little bit butter or margarine

      - 200 grams wheat flour
      - 1 cup thick coconut milk
      - 2 cup sugar
      - 10 cup of water

      - cocopandan syrup
      - sweet thick milk
      - ice cube

      - mix well wheat flour, water, egg, and pandan paste. Heat butter in a pan, pour 1/2 cup of batter, wait till the surface cooked, remove (this will form a green omelette)
      - take a green omelette while it's still hot, put as the rough side at top, put 1 banana, packed with omelette by rolling it, then twist both of the tips so all banana covered with green omelette. Do this till all the batter and banana used up
      - for gravy: mix all ingredients, cook till thick, remove
      - serve: take one green banana, put into a bowl, add ice cubes, pour the gravy, then syrup and sweet thick milk.

      Wednesday, June 2, 2010

      Sambal Ebi (Indonesian Food)

      - 2 fresh chili
      - 1/2 tea spoon salt
      - 1 tomato
      - 2 table spoon ebi (dry small shrimp)
      - 1 small fragrant citrus fruit
      - 1 cup of hot water

      - soak ebi with hot water for 5 minute, drain
      - shatter chili, salt, tomato, and ebi till soft, add citrus fruit juice. Serve

      Selamat mencoba (buat yg mencoba hihihi ;D)

      Thursday, May 27, 2010

      Kidney Bean and Leafy Vegetable Soup

      - 1 cup dry kidney beans, soak in water for about 3 hours
      - 2 bunch of leafy vegetables
      - 2 garlic clove, shred
      - 4 small red onion (save 2 to make fried onion)
      - 1 tea spoon salt
      - 1/2 tea spoon sugar
      - 2 table spoon cooking oil

      - boil the kidney beans with garlic and red onion in much water till cooked
      - add the leafy vegetables, stirr a while
      - add salt and sugar, stirr then remove
      - fry the red onion till brown, then add into the soup. Serve

      Wednesday, May 26, 2010

      Cassava Leafs Saute (Indonesian Food)

      - 2 bunch of cassava leafs
      - 1 garlic clove
      - 2 small red onion
      - 1 stalk lemongrass, press a bit
      - 1 table spoon salt
      - 1/2 table spoon sugar
      - 3 fresh chili
      - water
      - 1 table spoon cooking oil

      - clean the cassava leafs, knead with 1/2 tablespoon salt, boil with water till cooked
      - heat cooking oil in a pan, add garlic and red onion, saute till aromatic
      - add cassava leafs, add a cup of water, then add lemongrass and chili, wait till boiled up
      - add salt and sugar, mix a while, then remove and serve